Undercard Report: Lemieux Finishes the War of Words With His Fists

Photos: Ed Mulholland

By Kieran Mulvaney

The war of words between David Lemieux and Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan lasted several weeks. Their battle inside the ring was over in under three minutes. Lemieux came out of his corner at the opening bell, looking to inflict damage, firing fast flurries to head and body. O’Sullivan, meanwhile, held his hands raised high and tight to his face, eyeing an opportunity to land a telling blow of his own.

That opportunity never arrived: O’Sullivan (28-3, 20 KOs) was able to throw only 25 punches, landing just eight; Lemieux, in contrast, threw 79, and landed 22 of them. The only one that really mattered, though, was the final one:  a left hook that exploded on O’Sullivan’s jaw just as the Irishman was connecting with a glancing jab to the Canadian’s face. O’Sullivan, about to unleash a right hand, saw his punch sail harmlessly over his opponent’s head as he tumbled down to his knees and then flat on the canvas, face-first. He hauled himself uncertainly back to his hands and knees, and looked up at referee Russell Mora, who waved off the contest without completing a count. The time was 2:44 of Round 1.

O’Sullivan continued to look dazed and confused, even as he stood up, with Mora placing a protective arm around his shoulder as Lemieux (40-4, 34 KOs) celebrated.

“I felt great,” said the winner in the ring afterward. “I’m in superb shape. I always like to give the fans a good fight, so I hope you’re happy. I was motivated by all the trash talk. I’m not the kind of guy who likes to talk trash. I respect my opponents. I keep it all in the ring.”