You Want to Fight Gennady Golovkin?

Photo: Will Hart

By Frank Della Femina

You want to box Gennady Golovkin? 

He can box. He’ll box you right out of the ring. Snap your head back two dozen times per round with a laser-precise jab and leave you questioning just how in the hell you got yourself in that position. Worst of all, you have no way around it. Your best bet is to try and counter, but don’t open yourself up too much, because there’s another jab coming right down the pike. Sorry, David Lemieux.

You want to brawl with Golovkin? 

Yeah, he can do that too. He’ll trade with you. Take a punch to give a punch. Ask Daniel Geale about that. He’ll eat a punch to the chin just to lure you into a false sense of confidence. Then, BAM. You’re assed out on the canvas. You can pace and try to walk it off all you want, but the first step to getting over a Golovkin bazooka punch is knowing you won’t be getting up from it.

You want to threaten Golovkin? 

Tweet photos of a coffin with his initials on it? Make jokes? Go ahead, Curtis Stevens. Talk a big game. Say you’ll end his career. He’s just going to smile on his way into the ring. You may think you’re crazy making those threats, but nothing’s crazier than a man who smiles through that. It’s like he knows the outcome already. He doesn’t need to tell you until you need to know. And that’s evident right around the time when he catches you with a left hook that leaves you exhaling, making a meme out of your face.

You want the home-crowd advantage against Golovkin? 

It’s yours. Take it. He’ll give it to you, in front of a sold-out crowd, no less. And before you know it he hits so hard he cracks bone and you’re left to realize that the only thing worse than one Golovkin coming at you is four Golovkins bullying you around the ring, which is exactly what you’ll see through a battered and broken orbital socket. Sorry, Kell Brook.

You want to show heart against Golovkin? 

He’ll respect that. After all, boxing is not a game, and he’ll probably remind you of that again when it’s over. But no matter how many times you get up, there’s always going to be one more time you go down. You gave it your all Martin Murray, but in the end, no matter how strong the heart, there’s only so much you can physically take. Same goes for you, Gabe Rosado.

You want to beat Golovkin?

They all did. Probably still do. If you’ve ever seen the movie Shawshank Redemption, one quote stands out as an example of what every challenger must think when coming out of a fight against GGG (read in Morgan Freeman voice for dramatic effect):

“I'd like to think that the last thing that went through his head, other than that [punch], was to wonder how the hell [Gennady Golovkin] ever got the best of him.”