Still Standing: The Story of Hopkins vs. Trinidad

Photo: Will Hart

Photo: Will Hart

HBO Boxing commemorates the 15th anniversary of Bernard Hopkins vs. Felix Trinidad with a special web feature and HBO Boxing Podcast dedicated to the historic fight.

The podcast, which includes interviews with more than a half-dozen of the key players involved in the bout -- including Hopkins, HBO Boxing broadcaster Jim Lampley and many more -- serves as an extensive oral history of one of the sport's most memorable fights.

"Fifteen years ago, one future Hall of Famer established his greatness, while another had his run to boxing immortality cut short. And it happened just 18 days after the terrorist attacks of September 11, just three miles from Ground Zero, at Madison Square Garden, in the first major sporting event in Manhattan after the towers fell. In the shadow of 9/11, sanctioned savagery shared the spotlight with recovery from America’s darkest hour, and the result was one of the most dazzling individual performances the sport of boxing has ever seen."  

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