The Windfall Factor: The Story of the Night Bert Cooper Almost Beat Evander Holyfield for the Heavyweight Title

Illustration by Adam Stafford

HBO Boxing commemorates the 25th anniversary of the night Bert Cooper nearly upset Evander Holyfield for the heavyweight championship with a special web feature from boxing writer Carlos Acevedo detailing not only the legendary fight but the rise and fall of the larger-than-life characters involved with it. 

"By the late 1980s, the end of the glitziest decade since the Jazz Age, Bert Cooper was at rock bottom. Zealous partying had waylaid his stamina. At times, he popped more tabs on Old Milwaukee cans than jabs in sparring sessions. He swapped speedbags for dimebags—and worse. His mentor, Joe Frazier, had left him, and his reputation in the ring was in ruins after he quit on the stool against a comebacking George Foreman in Phoenix on June 1, 1989."

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