Klitschko and Jennings Meet at NYC Press Conference

Photo: Frank Della Femina

Photo: Frank Della Femina

By Frank Della Femina

Wladimir Klitschko and Bryant Jennings met face to face Wednesday afternoon during the official press conference announcing their April 25th fight at Madison Square Garden.

Earlier in the day, the two fighters visited The Empire State Building for a photo op before making their way down to MSG. After a series of interviews backstage at the venue, it was time to address the fans and media in attendance.

The festivities were filled with the usual pre-fight fanfare – boasting and toasting, high praises and verbal jousting – but in the end, there’s no question the two heavyweights are ready to get to work.

“Frank Sinatra said it right,” said Klitschko from the stage at MSG’s Chase Square. “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

While the Ukrainian is making his return to New York City for the first time in seven years, his opponent has more recent familiarity with the “Mecca of Boxing” thanks to two undercard appearances in 2014. This will be Jennings’ first main event in the big room at the Garden, but don't think nerves are a factor for the heavyweight contender.

“Here on April 25th, history will be made,” he said. “And it will be made by me.”

“One of us has to lose,” Jennings added. “But guess what? I don’t think it’s going to be me.”

The more relaxed and experienced Klitschko, dressed to the nines in a suit and tie, was confident in informing fans what they can expect in a few months.

“This is the right arena, right city and the right opponents to face each other,” he said. “These five belts are here for a reason. I’ve been working to unify them.”

And for the doubters, or perhaps just those in need of a reminder, he added, “I’m the baddest man in the world in my sport.”

The two fighters now head off to training camp, where they will remain for the next two months in preparation for their fight. Klitschko has opted for the east coast, as he takes up training in Miami, while Jennings heads out west to San Francisco.

Keep tabs on each fighter via their Twitter accounts: @Klitschko | @BYJennings

Klitschko vs. Jennings happens April 25th at 10 PM ET/PT on HBO World Championship Boxing.