Lomachenko Shines in 10th Round KO Victory

Photos: Will Hart

By Kieran Mulvaney

Vasyl Lomachenko out-boxed, out-fought, out-threw, out-landed, out-maneuvered and just plan beat up Romulo Koasicha in the HBO World Championship Boxing co-main event on Saturday night, knocking him out in the 10th round to retain his featherweight world title. Lomachenko is just a joy to watch, if surely a nightmare to face: he is rarely if ever out of position, constantly glued to his opponent and in place to throw a succession of fast, accurate punches from a variety of angles. For an opponent, throwing punches is an invitation to be countered, as Lomachenko (5-1, 3 KOs) slips out of the way then slides back into position to resume his assault.

So it was against Koasicha, who threw 607 punches to Lomachenko’s 717, but landed just 75 to the Ukrainian’s 334. Lomachenko landed fully 54 percent of his power punches, but despite landing at will throughout, did not appear especially close to scoring a stoppage against his overmatched opponent until a pair of left hands to the body in the tenth dropped Koasicha to one knee, from where he made little attempt to beat the count of referee Robert Byrd.

“He’s fast, clever and tricky,” acknowledged Koasicha, who falls to 25-5 with 15 KOs. “He’s hard to fight. He never hurt me to my head but he hurt me bad to the body.”

“I was having fun in there,” said Lomachenko. “I was having a good time. I knew the finish would be a body shot, but I didn’t know which side. I want to unify all the titles. I want every title belt in my division.”