Canelo Makes Weight, Cotto Really Makes Weight

Photos by Will Hart

By Eric Raskin

The rumors swirled throughout fight week that middleweight title challenger Canelo Alvarez was struggling to get down to the agreed-upon catchweight limit of 155 pounds for his bout with lineal champ Miguel Cotto. When Alvarez stripped down to his underwear and stepped on the scale Friday afternoon in the Islander Ballroom at Mandalay Bay, he rendered the rumors reasonably moot, making the limit exactly and not looking especially drained or uncomfortable. With Cotto, meanwhile, there was never a doubt. He actually tipped the scales a half-pound below the junior middleweight division limit, weighing 153½.

More interesting than the numbers on the scale was the response of the fans in the jam-packed room—or should we say rooms, as passion for the Cotto-Canelo fight resulted in spillover to additional ballrooms for those wishing to watch the weigh-in. Though the global popularity levels of Cotto and Alvarez would seem to be comparable, among the fans at the weigh-in there was no doubt: Canelo is the crowd favorite. Certainly geography has a little something to do with it, as Las Vegas better accommodates Mexican fight fans than it does Puerto Rican ones. Whatever the case, Alvarez was greeted with deafening cheers, while boos rained down whenever Cotto’s stoic face appeared on the jumbo screens behind the stage.

Perhaps the rooting interests inside the arena on Saturday night will be more balanced, or perhaps this is going to be a heavily pro-Canelo atmosphere. Either way, it will be the fighters, not the fans, who determine which man exits the ring as the middleweight champion.


Undercard weights:


Takashi Miura: 130 lbs.

Francisco Vargas: 129½


Guillermo Rigondeaux: 121½

Drian Francisco: 121


Jayson Velez: 125½

Ronny Rios: 125½