Matthysse and Postol Let Their Punches Do Their Talking

Photos by Ed Mulholland

By Kieran Mulvaney

Neither Lucas Matthysse nor Viktor Postol is the kind of fighter to pound his chest or talk smack about his opponent. At Friday’s weigh-in beneath the blazing California sun, the combatants in Saturday’s main event didn’t even spend too long on the obligatory face-off. They’re not like Manny Pacquiao, who finds the concept of face-offs silly and is rarely able to make it through one without bursting into a fit of giggles. Nor are they so happy to be here that they spend their time smiling broadly and thanking their opponent for the opportunity. It’s just that neither Argentina’s Matthysse not Ukrainian Postol is an especially voluble talker, in any language.

They are engaging enough, perfectly happy to discharge their media responsibilities and answer the questions posed to them. Both have been more than available during fight week for journalist interviews and fan photographs alike. But they have been neither overtly friendly nor especially sullen. They are simply two men who punch people for a living, and who feel no need to either boast about or apologize for that fact. They are, to use a professional term, badasses.

Inside the ring, they express their badassery in contrasting ways. Matthysse, living up to his billing as “The Machine”, frequently walks through, breaks down and obliterates his foes like a Buenos Aires-based remake of ‘The Terminator.’ His devastating weaponry is set up by fine boxing ability, but it is his explosive power that has garnered him both a fearsome reputation and a dedicated fan following.

Conversely, the equally-well-monikered “Iceman” Postol uses his height and reach (despite tipping the scales at under 140 pounds on Friday, he stands at 5’11” and peered down at Matthysse during the aforementioned face-off) to sublime advantage, firing off combinations from a distance, and beating his foes up while keeping them at bay. Unlike Matthysse, his victories do not often end in knockout, although he scored an emphatic stoppage of Selcuk Aydin with a devastating uppercut on his HBO debut last year.

The intrigue in this matchup is that clash of styles: whether the lanky Postol can frustrate Matthysse from long-range, or whether the explosive Matthysse can walk through the incoming fire and deliver his patented crushing blows.

It is a fight that has somewhat slipped under the radar, but which has the potential, once it is underway, to attract viewers, as those watching text and tweet for others to get in on the high-quality action that they are missing. Matthysse and Postol may not talk much, but that doesn’t matter; their fists will speak volumes.

Weights from Carson, CA:

Lucas Matthysse 139.4 lbs

Viktor Postol 139.4 lbs

Humberto Soto 140 lbs

Antonio Orozoco 140.6 lbs