Fans and Writers Weigh In on Cotto-Martinez

Before Miguel Cotto and Sergio Martinez weigh in on the scales, fans and writers weigh in with their predictions. On Instagram, 1,257 fans have so far liked the photo of #WarMaravilla, compared to 1,844 for #WarCotto. Our writers lean the other direction, with 5 out of 8 leaning towards Sergio Martinez. Here's more of what they had to say:

Eric Raskin:

The World Champ vs. The People's Champ

Martinez KO 9. With the giant asterisk that my prediction changes drastically if Martinez isn't fully healed from his injuries or suffers an injury mid-fight and doesn't have full mobility, I see the champ overwhelming a game Cotto. With the MSG crowd exhorting him you know Cotto will never stop pushing forward, but his willingness to take risks will ultimately lead him to a stoppage defeat.

Diego Morilla

Cotto vs. Martinez: A Tale of Two Lefties

The biggest questions have been related to the fighters’ physical condition, but I believe their styles will define the fight instead. The first few rounds will answer a lot of questions. If Cotto manages to put Martinez on the defensive with his intense pressure, he may have a shot, but if Martinez is able to impose his distance and Cotto is unable to decipher his awkward style, the story will be very different. I am betting on the latter. Martinez by a comfortable decision.

Oliver Goldstein

Miguel Cotto was a big junior welterweight, an average welterweight, a small junior middleweight – and now he’s heading up to 160? No one could ever dismiss his bravery, and his slate will be remembered for years to come, but Martinez should prove a step too far. The Argentine might be on the slide, but he too has been a special fighter in this generation, and his slashing combinations should prove too much for Cotto’s febrile skin. I expect to see Miguel cut, hurt, and stopped in the ninth. 

Kieran Mulvaney

Cotto at the Garden

Martinez Remains Calm amid the Fight Week Tumult

Cotto will start strong, showing the energy, body attack and bounce to his step that he showed against Delvin Rodriguez in his first outing under Freddie Roach. But Sergio Martinez is not Delvin Rodriguez, and he won’t wilt; although he may find himself spending more time on the ropes than he wants to, and even though Cotto’s renewed body work may sap him more than he expects, he’ll retain the fast hands and hard punching power that have taken him so far. He’ll come strong over the second half of the fight, slightly slowing down Cotto round-by-round, but he may very well still be slightly behind on points when the end comes, in the form of a hard left hand off the ropes that Cotto doesn’t see coming and that drops him for the count.

Tim Smith

MSG: The Mecca of Boxing

Miguel Cotto had gotten away from his vicious left hook to the body – the work that made him an elite boxer – and it caused him problems. He has rediscovered that part of his game after working with trainer Freddie Roach, and he should be able to implement it if Sergio Martinez has any problems with his mobility from his knee surgery. Cotto by decision.

Hamilton Nolan

Ten Possible Alternate Storylines for Cotto-Martinez

I think Cotto will win. He's younger, he's a bigger puncher even though he's a smaller man, and he knows how to seek and destroy. Martinez is a great fighter, but he's getting older, and two knee surgeries don't make anyone a better boxer. The contrast between each of their last fights says a lot. 

Nat Gottlieb

Saturday's Undercard Loaded with Possible Title Contenders

Martinez by knockout. He’ll come into the ring weighing like a light heavy and will reach back for one last sparkling victory.

Michael Gluckstadt

Martinez says he's fully recovered from his injuries – which is exactly what he said before his fight against Martin Murray, before revealing that he, in fact, wasn't. Sergio is 39 and he'd be bucking the trend of every athlete in history if he suddenly proved faster and more agile. Cotto is somehow still only 33 and coming off a truly sparkling performance against Delvin Rodriguez. Cotto by decision.