Watch: Classic Boxing: Pacquiao-Bradley 1

The scores for the first Pacquiao-Bradley fight ranged across the board – but aside from two of the three ringside judges, very few people actually had it for Bradley. Below, HBO Boxing Insiders offer their take on the first fight. Then watch the fight yourself and see how your score matches up:

Eric Raskin: I scored the first fight 118-­110, or 10-­2 in rounds, for Pacquiao. I re­scored it the morning after and again came up with a 10­-2 score, although I found a total of six rounds in which you could make a case for Bradley, meaning a draw was possible if you gave him every benefit of every doubt. This was not a vintage Pacquiao performance, but it didn’t seem he needed one to win; what he delivered was good enough to win comfortably, in my view.

Kieran Mulvaney: 117-11. I thought in the first half when it was a fight, Pacquiao was a better fighter. And in the second half when it was a boxing match, he was a better boxer.

Hamilton Nolan: I scored the first fight 117-111 Pacquiao. I thought Bradley picked up a few rounds when Pac basically tired out or rested, but overall Pac was too fast and Bradley was too hittable.

Tim Smith: My score for the first fight was 115-113 for Manny Pacquiao. I thought the fight was close, but I thought Pacquiao did enough over the course of the final five rounds to seal the victory. Bradley fought much better than people expected and Pacquiao didn't walk through him as expected. That might have influenced some of the judges. I think Bradley got credit in the early rounds for standing up to Pacquiao and not getting overwhelmed.