CompuBox Analysis: Dawson vs. Stevenson

by CompuBox

Saturday night's fight between WBC light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson and Adonis Stevenson bucks several well-established boxing trends. Consider:

* Champions usually enjoy the home ring advantage but here Dawson is defending in Montreal, the adopted hometown of the Haitian-born Stevenson. Worse yet for Dawson, they are fighting at the Bell Centre, where Stevenson has fought his last five matches and seven of his last nine.

* The older fighter usually has an edge in experience, but this time the 33-year-old Dawson -- two years younger than Stevenson (who turned pro at age 29)  -- has logged more rounds in championship fights (93) than Stevenson has registered as a professional (79).

* Once a fighter leaves a trainer, he stays gone. But Dawson, a 7-1 favorite over Stevenson,  has returned to Eddie Mustafa Muhammad after splitting with John Scully, who was his guide for the last three fights.

Will the fight also defy conventional wisdom and actually be a barn-burner?  Their CompuBox histories offer the following clues:

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