CompuBox Analysis: Oosthuizen vs. Gonzales

by CompuBox

For all the matchmaking story lines that unfold in boxing, the one that is more desired amongst fans and media -- but not among managers and promoters -- is the one that pits two, young, unbeaten fighters who are still looking to ascend to the big leagues in terms of purses. Such fights are tremendous risks for those involved for while victory will set them on the road to potential riches, a bad loss could wipe out years of hard work.

Saturday's showdown between South African Thomas Oosthuizen (21-0-1, 13 KO) and Sacramento-based Oregonian Brandon Gonzales (17-0, 10 KO) is one such fight and the risk-reward equation may well enhance the final product. The super middleweight class is arguably the deepest in boxing and a win could gain them admittance to its highest echelons.

CompuBox factors that may determine the outcome include:

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