Broner's Impressive Run Continues With a 5th-Round KO

by Michael Gluckstadt

Adrien Broner, Gavin Rees - Photo Credit: Will Hart

The latest performance of the Adrien Broner show was held at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City Saturday night, an entertaining fifth-round knockout of the Welshman Gavin Rees. Before a supportive crowd, Broner danced around and outclassed his opponent in the latest of his string of impressive-looking victories.
It seems nobody told Rees that he was meant to be a supporting player in the evening's program, so Broner took it upon himself to deliver the news. Rees came out at the opening bell with a head of steam, testing Broner with shots to the body. In a telling exchange early in the fifth round, after Broner landed a shot to the side of Rees' head, Rees motioned to Broner that he hadn't been hurt--so Broner went ahead and punched him flush on the face.
Soon after, Broner brought Rees down to one knee with a thudding shot to the body. Rees got up from that and continued to press on bravely, until at the end of the round, his trainer Gary Lockett threw in the towel.
Rees had also been knocked down in the fourth round, when Broner landed a thundering left uppercut squarely on Rees' jaw. Broner had started the fight off slowly, taking the first round and a half to figure out what Rees was bringing to the table. Then, Broner came alive and began dancing for the crowd, feinting large windup haymakers before delivering crisp shots to Rees' body.

In the third, Broner really got going. He landed an extensive combination with Rees against the ropes. When he found himself tied up in an awkward hold, Broner threw--and landed!--a punch behind his head.       

"No one's ever treated me like that in a boxing ring," Rees would say after the fight. "I knew he was going to be powerful, but his power really stung me. I got reckless in the third and fourth and that was pretty much the end of it." As for the prospects for his opponent, Rees said, "He's not a superstar in the making, he's already there".

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