Undercard Recap: Ruiz Looks Deceptively Quick; Hamer Quick to Quit

by Kieran Mulvaney

Photo Credit: Will Hart

In heavyweight action, Tor Hamer began relatively brightly against undefeated Andy Ruiz, probably taking the first two rounds behind a crisp jab, as the two big men exchanged hard punches that echoed with an entirely different and deeper thud to those of the flyweights who had preceded them. In the third round, however, Ruiz began to assert control; even so, it was a shock when Hamer quit on his stool at the end of the round, citing two hard body shots. Then again, maybe shock isn’t the right word: it’s the second time now that Hamer has done just that. It’s fine for a man to look out for his health – commendable, even – but one wonders if an alternative, less dangerous, profession might be a wise choice for Mr. Hamer. Still, Ruiz moves on; he may not be a body beautiful, but as former trainer Freddie Roach told reporters this week, “That fat kid can fucking fight.”

After the fight, Hamer's disappointed promoter Lou DiBella took to Twitter to vent his frustration with his fighter. "This is an embarrassment. Sorry to the fans" he tweeted. "By the way, Tor, you are released."