Fans Weigh In: Fans Picks Morales, But @DannySwift Has Other Ideas

Erik Morales, Danny Garcia - Photo Credit: Will Hart

Generally speaking, boxing fans and Vegas have a similar idea of who's going to win a fight. Most of the times we ask for fight predictions they match up pretty closely with the official odds—but not this week. Erik Morales, despite officially being a slight underdog to Danny Garcia, is the overwhelming favorite in your hearts, securing 85% of the 1246 votes cast on our Facebook page. The 24-year-old Garcia took only 187 total votes. This might have to do with the legions of Mexican fans that Morales has thrilled throughout his Hall-of-Fame career, or maybe it's because of Morales's performance in his hard-fought battle against Marcos Maidana. One person who doesn't see things that way is Twitter user @DannySwift aka Danny Garcia. Garcia, who is extremely active on the social network, called out Morales for his inability—or unwillingness, as the case may be—to make weight, writing: "Papa morales came in 2lbs over weight, disrespect to the sport, that puts a extra 50k in my pocket!"

In the undercard bout, fans have flocked to the resurgent James Kirkland, picking him over Carlos Molina by a margin of nearly 3 to 1.

Here's more of what you had to say:

  • I think Morales knocks out Garcia and Kirkland goes the distance with Molina and wins the decision - @eve505 (Twitter)
  • If I were Danny Garcia, I have to be at my best not only physically, but also mentally. It will be a fatal mistake to look past Erik. Its easy to think that Morales will employ his boxing knowledge against a younger foe. But once the crowd gets involved into the fight, El Terrible will have no other choice but to oblige. All hell will break loose, and it will be the most thrilling part of the match. I actually like Erik's chances in catching Danny with his right maybe to the temple or to the jaw. – E.Corales (
  • Morales by UD; Kirkland by KO round 10 - @potlurisuneel (Twitter)
  • Don't believe the hype about Morales being back. So he held up against a one dimensional Marcos, doesn't mean he's back. Have Garcia winning. On the undercard can't say i've ever watched Molina fight, but have seen enough Kirkland fights to know his potential. Kirkland by KO – V. Varricchio (
  • Predictions for Saturday's @HBOboxing fights: @DannySwift Garcia TKO8 Erik Morales. Garcia too young and too hungry. #MoralesGarcia - @myuros (Twitter)
  • Kirkland has one of the weakest chins in the division - @locmyster (Twitter)
  • I think Garcia may squeek out a very close SD. I give Kirkland the edge, but definately wont sleep on Molina –  Riky Ricardo (
  • Garcia doesn't have many technical flaws for Morales to exploit. Add youth & stamina, too much for Morales to overcome. Garcia UD - @alexp4p (Twitter)