Fans Weigh In: Sergio in a Rout

Sergio Martinez - Photo Credit: Ed Ed Mulholland

For as long as we've been asking you to vote for fight predictions, we've never had such a one-sided result. Sergio Martinez pulled in 1310 out of 1419 votes in our Facebook poll, or roughly 12 times as many as Matthew Macklin received. That isn't to say you think Martinez is in for a walk in the park.  "I think Sergio will win but he will have to keep his hands up and fight a smart fight and be prepared for a tough/rugged tussle from Macklin. In New York, Macklin will be the favorite with all the Irishmen and Englishmen," S. Tyrone wrote on Facebook. On V.Varricchio weighed in with a more specific prediction, "Should be back and forth action. See the fight being even throughout the first half. At the turn of the second Martinez will go into overdrive as Macklin slowly runs out of gas. Somewhere Martinez will go down most due to being off balance as seen in his previous fights. At the end of it all, Martinez by Decision."

Here's more of what you had to say:

  • Sergio will put a whoopin on this clown. Too smart, too fast, too athletic. The closest boxer we have to Roy Jones, Jr today - Matthew D. (Facebook)
  • Sergio martinez by 8-12 tko of macklin. It will be a good fight though. - @ArmandoRodrig87 (Twitter)
  • Martinez wins by decision. Macklin isn't a cake walk PLUS it'll be st. Patrick's day. Tough fight for Sergio. #MartinezMacklin - @emmanem88 (Twitter)
  • Macklin's style is a bit tailor made for Sergio, and we know Maravilla got the KO power, so this fight might not go the distance. Mathew's a resilient fighter though, and his work output may just make a fight out of this. And if he can stand Martinez' power, Sergio's in trouble...I still favor Maravilla to pull off a KO with that left bomb of his. – e.corales (
  • around the seventh i reckon when matthew runs outta gas, - Richard F. (Facebook)

Do you agree with the fans above, or is Macklin an underdog who’s about to have his day? Sound off in the comments.