Compubox Analysis: Pacquiao vs. Marquez

by CompuBox

For Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao has been his great white whale. He puts forth his best effort only to have Moby Dick swim just out of his reach. Following a draw, a split decision and a majority decision, Marquez has a fourth -- and presumably last -- chance to finally corral his quarry. The question is whether he can do it at age 39 and put to rest, once and for all, all of his frustrations.

To look at what might happen in the future, a look into their CompuBox pasts is in order:

Living on the Razor's Edge: The cumulative numbers for their rivalry are exceedingly close. Consider.

* When adding up the nine scorecards from all three fights, Pacquiao leads the points race by just 1,024-1,017 -- a 0.34% difference.

* Pacquiao leads 481-468 in total connects, but in a surprising strategic turn the slugging Pacquiao leads 150-126 in landed jabs while the scientific Marquez holds a 352-331 edge in connected power shots.

* Also, while Pacquiao leads big in attempted punches (1,836-1,494), the "Pac Man" has thrown far more jabs (1,026-596) while Marquez has attempted more power punches (903-810). Will this role reversal continue in fight four? 

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