Can Dulorme’s Blinding Speed and Blistering Power Stop Abregu?

by Nat Gottlieb

Thomas Dulorme, Luis Carlos Abregu

Compared frequently to a young Miguel Cotto, Thomas Dulorme is being hailed as the next great Puerto Rican boxer. Whether this is hype or he’s the real deal, Dulorme’s next fight against power-packing Argentinean Luis Abregu should provide some answers, along with some dynamite action as the main event in a highly competitive tripleheader on Oct. 27.

“I’m very thankful to be compared to someone like Cotto, he is a great boxer,” says the 22-year-old native of Puerto Rico. “But I am just starting out, and it is not fair to compare me to someone like that or to Trinidad. They’re my idols, and first I have to prove myself.”

So far, Dulorme has done some fine preliminary work in that regard, winning all 16 of his fights and knocking out 12 opponents, while tantalizing fans with his supersonic hand speed and abundant power.

The comparisons of Dulorme to Cotto and Trinidad have some foundation. Like Cotto, Dulorme fires crisp, precision shots while working behind a thudding jab. He also digs extremely well to the body. The parallel with the great Felix Trinidad stems from the level of excitement Dulorme brings to the ring with his one-punch knockout power, excellent boxing skills, and charisma both in the ring and out of it.