CompuBox Analysis: Rios vs. Alvarado

by CompuBox

When Brandon Rios is "right," he is among the most exciting fighters in the world. His pulsating aggression is proof that his "Bam Bam" nickname was well chosen and if anyone wants proof just look at his three-round slugfest against Urbano Antillon, rated as one of 2011's best fights.

But it has been a while since Rios has been "right." Rios lost his WBA lightweight belt on the scales before his battle with John Murray and weight problems prior to the Richard Abril fight cost him a chance to regain the strap his issues caused him to vacate in the first place.

Now that Rios has abandoned the 135-pound division weight shouldn't be an issue. No, the issue before him now is Mike Alvarado, an undefeated campaigner who shares Rios' warrior mindset. Eight years into his career, Alvarado is fighting the biggest fight of his life against his most notable opponent.

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