The Pros and Cons of Being Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

By Eric Raskin

Photo Credit: Ed MulhollandJulio Cesar Chavez Jr. is, by the most literal of definitions, another Julio Cesar Chavez.

But in the more figurative sense, he ain’t no Julio Cesar Chavez.

And nobody ever really expected him to be.

Junior turned pro at age 17 as a big-name novelty, selling tickets and headlining minor pay-per-views on the strength of that name that his Hall of Fame father established. Now, nearing his 26th birthday, Junior is still a big-name novelty. It’s just that the balance between those two defining terms has shifted. There’s only the slightest hint of novelty remaining, and he’s become one of the biggest names in boxing partially on the strength of what he – not his father – has done.