Fan Prediction: Amir Khan the Favorite Against Zab Judah— If He Can Get Out of the Early Rounds


In the fight overview, we considered when youth meets experience, which one comes out on top. You answered, pretty emphatically, that the rising star Amir Khan will take down five-time world champ Zab Judah. Specifically, in our HBO Boxing Facebook Question two thirds of the 2,481 respondents picked Khan to win, with Judah getting just 33% of the vote. Bucking the trend was Sergio Martinez, who tweeted his prediction at us, "Judah will win." Most of the Judah supporters think he'll need an early KO in the first four to five rounds, but the later it goes, the more of you like Khan. Here's a sampling of what the rest of the fans had to say:

  • Got to go w/Khan... Out with the old and in with the new...Zab aint nothing but a punching bag for Khan to the next level......he need to beat on something, why not Zab?! – Swisher S. (Facebook)
  • @doggtime5786: @hboboxing I like Juda experience over youth this fight will bring the best out of Juda,,can't help but to be motivated take no prisoners!!   (Twitter)
  • Call me crazy, but I think a lot of people are in for a shock in this fight.  I think Zab has what it takes to get the W in this fight.  They both have fast hands and they can crack, but I fell that Zab has more experience, and Khan hasn't been in with anyone that brings as many tools to the table as Super... I definitely wouldn't be surprised if Khan ends up winning, but this isn't going to be a blowout by any means. – O.Rivera416 (
  • Zab will open strong, but will crap out by the 5th. Khan is the more technical fighter anyway. Prediction: Khan wins by knockout, round 8. – Bill A. (Facebook)
  • @BGhani83: @hboboxing Judahs speed will definitely surprise Khan but Judah usually crumbles in all his big fights. Khan UD, but hoping for a Judah KO.
  • Zab Judah for the upset. Judah has faced elite competition and has the faster hands IMO. Power and chin may be about even but let's not forget, Khan has been KO'd early by Briedis Prescott. Judah is levels above a Prescott. Judah KO/TKO rnd 5. – Paul M (Facebook)
  • I wasn't going to post on this, but Khan will win a 12 round decision by a healthy margin.  According to Khan, and he has an excellent point, Judah has been in a lot of marketable fights, but has never actually emerged victorious.   – G. Trinidad (
  • @CodyPizzle: @hboboxing Zab by KO/TKO early-mid rounds. If Zab doesn't have Khan on queer street early, he may be in trouble!  (Twitter)
  • Is it me, or is everyone watching a Different Amir Khan in the ring? honestly speaking, I havent seen a real Championship Fighter out of him. I see Khan like just another Chavez Jr, a decent fighter who will be carried along his career as a real champion. Specially selected fights. I see he will win future fights by judges, not by KOs, TKOs or Points.  – Edward Vazquez (

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