Fan Prediction: David Haye Will Eat His Words

As anyone who has watched Face Off can tell you, Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye really do not like each other. This is not staged theatrics, but in the words of Max Kellerman, "genuine animosity." Haye thinks Klitschko hasn't fought an opponent of his caliber. Klitschko thinks Haye has just been running his mouth. And he does not like flashy flash. But who do you like?

In our Facebook Question poll, only 35 percent thought, "David Haye will back up his incessant trash talk with a victory," while over 65 percent picked "Wladimir Klitschko will make Haye eat his words."

Here's a selection of what you had to say:

Klitschko will stop Haye in the last quarter of the fight. that jab will suck all the speed and energy out of Haye!! - Mike D (Facebook)

If Haye comes in & isnt afraid to die, & digs to the body early, Klitschko is TKOd in less than 9rds #KlitschkoHaye #boxing - @Winning24Seven (Twitter)

Haye's timing is awesome. If all Vlad is going to do is jab and hold he will get spanked in no time. He has a weak chin. - Edgardo A. (Facebook)

Just so u know, the longer armed a fighter is, the more ineffective he will be at too close range. Some tall long armed guys are better at the closer edge of the right distance but inside of the right distance they will be ineffective. In other words at too close a range wlad would smother his own shots and against a shorter guy he just might be where he can be hit so over aggression can be a bad thing for a tall long armeded guy like wlad. – SHAKA Z. (

Heart says Haye, head says otherwise..Klit in 8, although Haye has a punchers chance. - Michael A. (Facebook)

I see @mrdavidhaye going for an early KO w/in 4 rds but Wladimir will likely jab his way out of Dave's flurries and win UD12 Wlad. - @Vinz420 (Twitter)

I predict a slow, punishing demonstration of the methodical and merciless european style of Klitschko. TKO in the 12th - @GoldenCappedPen (Twitter)

Klitschko by KO by the 8th. Haye has pissed him off and now he's gonna get punished. - Kevan K (Facebook)