Your Predictions: Alexander Decision or Matthysse KO, But Not Much in Between

By Michael Gluckstadt

We asked you on Facebook, Twitter and to predict the result of Saturday night's Boxing After Dark matchup of Devon Alexander and Lucas Matthysse. Alexander was your favorite, but if there's a stoppage, more of you think it'll be Matthysse sending Alexander to the canvas. Specifically, two thirds of respondents liked Alexander to win it by KO or decision, and — perhaps being familiar with Matthysse's 26 KOs in his 28 victories — roughly 30 percent liked the hard-hitting Argentine's chances of stopping Alexander before the end of 12 scheduled rounds.

Here's a sampling of what you had to say:

Dangerous fight for Devon. I can see him winning on points but Lucas is a much better boxer than given credit for and he can punch like hell. Would not surprise me to see Devon get KO'd. – Joseph R (Facebook)

matthysse a good power puncher Possibly a little under rated i think he lands the big punch and gets the ko in the 5th - @JeffNY16 (Twitter)

Im still going Alex by KO . He'll be out to prove himself , trying real hard I'd imagine .- Ronan F (Facebook)

When Matthysse lands some hard shots Alexander will begin to fold and the Argentinian will come out with the upset victory by TKO - @Charlesisgay

A lot of people are down on Alexander due to his performance against Bradley.  But nowadays, you'd be hard pressed to find a P4P list without Bradley's name on it.  So really, how bad a loss is that.  And in Matthysse, you have a puncher who's lone loss to Judah is controversal.  So in Alexander, you have a guy that has only lost to the best the sport has to offer.  And depending on who you talk to, Matthysse maybe hasn't lost at all.  So I'm looking foward to this one.  The winner will put himself in a position to get a shot at the Khan-Judah winner, if Mr. Bradley continues to make himself unavailable. – Hit King (

Alexander has too much skills to lose to matthysse... Devon will work the ring well and capitalize- Byron Pepin (Facebook)