Bernard Hopkins: The Old Man, The New Daddy

by Eric Raskin

Bernard Hopkins is a two-division champion of the world who won his middleweight and light heavyweight titles 11 years apart. And those aren’t the only notable achievements on Hopkins’ dossier that are separated by 11 years. His daughter Latrice was born 11 years ago; in June, she’ll finally become a big sister.

That’s right, at 46 years of age and more than a decade after he first experienced fatherhood, Hopkins is about to do it all again. He and his wife Jeanette are just a few weeks away from re-entering a world of middle-of-the-night feedings, witching hours, burp cloths, and dirty diapers.

“I wish camp could be for the next six years,” Hopkins says with a toothy grin.

The intimidating “Executioner” side of Hopkins vanishes when the conversation turns to his family. He becomes just an ordinary guy preparing for a new baby and everything that comes with it. “I had an 11-year gap. I’m like, ‘Am I ready for this?’” he admits. A smile washes over him. “It’s cool, man.” He pauses, shakes his head. “It’s strange.”

It’s a rare moment: Hopkins at a loss for words. The blogger fills the silence by noting that a lot of fighters his age are becoming grandfathers, not fathers.

“You’re making me feel old, man!” he exclaims.

There’s your exclusive: Hopkins admits to feeling old. (And we suspect he’ll admit to it a few more times over the coming years as he experiences fatherhood all over again.)