Fast & Furious: The Morales-Maidana Card

The Erik Morales-Marcos Maidana pay-per-view card is locked and loaded with all-out action fights, top to bottom.

Former World Champion Marcos Maidana hits the double end bag on March 29, 2011 during a media workout in Las Vegas, Nevada in preparation for his April 9, 2011 fight against Six-Time and Three-Division World Champion Erik Morales at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas which will be televised live on HBO Pay-Per-View. Photo: Gene Blevins - Hoganphotos

If there's one commonality in the four featured fights, it's that the stakes are very high for all boxers. Questions need to be answered. Doors to bigger futures are there to be opened. Rarely have fighters on the same card had so much to gain, equally as much to lose.  That is why April 9 could be a night to remember, both for boxers and fans.