Khan’s Fast Track to Superstardom Runs Through Peterson’s Hometown

By Eric Raskin

Photo Credits: Ed Mulholland, Will HartTwo days before he steps into the ring to face Lamont Peterson, Amir Khan will celebrate his 25th birthday. If it feels to you as if the junior welterweight beltholder from Britain has been around a while and should be older than that by now, you're not alone. An Olympic silver medalist at 17, an HBO-featured fighter at 20, and a first-round knockout victim at 21, everything-success and failure-has come to Khan at a prodigious pace.

Now, at a much younger age than is usually the case these days, Khan is positioned to enter the pound-for-pound discussion and the pay-per-view mega-event picture. Provided, that is, that he doesn't get blown out like so many birthday candles on December 10.