Fan Predictions: Angulo Likely Winner, KO Definite Result

We asked the fans who they think will come out on top in this weekend's fight between Alfredo Angulo and James Kirkland and a resounding 880 out of 1,135 of Facebook respondents predicted a win for Angulo. But that wasn't as dominant as the 91% of commenters who predicted  that this fight will end in a KO. These fighters aren't looking to go the distance, but to inflict as much hurt as they can before the fight gets stopped.

Here's a sample of what you had to say:

-    I am not too crazy about Kirkland's defense. He gets caught with clean shots too often. If his opponent is a sharp boxer with short tight, heavy shots, he's a goner. – Stephanie H (Facebook)

-    Angulo vs Kirkland...Amazing matchmaking! Angulo stops him in under 6. Everyone should get there early! - @fearless_kingmo (Twitter)

-    Angulo's going to finish what Ishida started. – Ruben D. (Facebook)

-    I got the opportunity to watch James train, some years ago and i thought the kid had the " eye of the tiger ". Unfortunately, his skill level wasn't quite a tiger. He can punch with the best of them, but his defense is wicked BAD. Also his footwork, hasn't been worked on. He's going in the ring with a guy, who's known to go for broke. Could very well be one of the best slug fest of the year. ......and the winner is? Somebodies going down, and not getting up. – Vic T. (

-    With Ann Wolfe in his corner Kirkland cant lose, I say @JKirklandChamp will KO Angulo in 7. – @DoloD47 (Twitter)

-    #AnguloKirkland prediction? PAIN - @sgtvicvas6 (Twitter)

-    Angulo could knock Kirkland out with the wind from a missed punch...he got knocked down 3 times by the same damn punch,  I give him no chance –j. whitley  (

-    "Kirkland is being feed to a Lion to elevate Angulo career. Angula by a OK by 6th round. – Clifford D. (Facebook)

-    What most people don't know is that James Kirkland is one of the toughest human beings alive. Mental toughness! This fight will expose that. Angulo is NO JOKE. It will take all of Kirkland's will and desire to put Angulo away, but put him away he will. Ann Wolfe is the roughest, toughest, hungriest trainer alive and together they are unstoppable. I pick Kirkland by TKO in 6 or 7. But make no mistake about it, this is going to be an AWESOME fight. If by chance it goes the distance, it may be the fight of the year. Kenny Butler -- (

-    Kirkland better bring his A game cause Angulo is a BEAST... – Eddie H (Facebook)