Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson: Will a Crafty Veteran Incite a Younger Fighter's Inconsistency?

By Nat Gottlieb

Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland, Will HartGrand old master Bernard Hopkins presents a whole slew of challenges for Chad Dawson, but his biggest test may come from within himself: Can he stay focused and aggressive for 12 rounds?

Dawson is a tremendously gifted boxer who unfortunately is prone to fighting in spurts. When he is on his game, he is virtually impossible to stop, thanks to a combination of superior hand speed, exceptional mobility and power. Other times he’ll follow up a terrific two-fisted attack by backing away and gliding around the ring as if auditioning for “Dancing with the Stars.” It is a trait that has exasperated his many trainers, including John Scully, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Floyd Mayweather Sr., Dan Birmingham and most recently Emmanuel Steward. If there’s a formula to keeping him focused, nobody has yet to discover it.