‘Keep on it, keep pushing’: Timothy Bradley Training Camp Notes

I am still here training at the Boys and Girls club in Indio, California. This is where I have always trained for my fights and what works for me.

I am ahead of schedule so the following week I will be closing my training camp with my fitness coach and will continue to work in the gym on the game plan.

My training regimen is more so new school and I have incorporated strength training as of August.

We are getting closer to the 29th and as that is soon approaching there is more intensity in all that I do and I also start tapering off my workouts.

At this point in my training camp I feel like every day has a moment like in the Rocky films.  When I am sparring or when I’m running and just feel like I have pushed myself to the limit and can’t go any more I start to talk to myself and become the one that tells me to push it.

I hear a voice within me that tells me to keep going… keep on it, keep pushing.  Yeah, I want this for me but also I want this for everyone… my family, the kids I coach and to those whose lives I’ve touched in anyway in my work with the community.

I always have a motto that I follow and take to heart and that is that at the end of that night (fight night) my family will be the one that eats. I know that every man is hungry out there and that is why I need to be the one starving. 

I feel that my motto will not only help me keep mental focused and determined but it also keeps me grounded. I train hard every day because I want to be remembered as one of the best fighters years from now I know this is not an easy thing to accomplish but with God's help I know that I will one day accomplish my goal. Turning in now. Lights out.