Clottey’s prediction lands on Pacquiao

Photo: Will Hart

If anyone can speak first-hand to the punishment that Manny Pacquiao is able dish out, it’s Joshua Clottey. The former welterweight champ went 12 rounds with Pac-Man in March and had this to say about Margarito’s upcoming bout with the fighter/congressman/singer: "Margarito doesn't have the best defense and can be hit. When I fought Pacquiao, he was so fast. Like a blur. It's very hard to catch him."




Pacquiao: His Own Biggest Distraction?

Photo: Chris Farina/Top Rank

For five years, Pacquiao has gone without defeat. For five years, his skill as a fighter has improved. Despite 6-1 odds in his favor against Margarito, many wonder whether the ongoing distractions from his training (political trips to Manila, a foot injury supposedly exacerbated by dress shoes worn in congress, a brief typhoon, and singing at the impromptu marriage of his advisor Michael Koncz) will make this fight the first to unveil Pacquiao in decline.

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Manny Pacquiao 'Imagines' With Will Ferrell

He boxes, he legislates, and yes, he sings. Manny Pacquiao, a frequent guest on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' returned to talk about his work as a Filipino congressman, his upcoming bout with Antonio Margarito, and to join Will Ferrell in song. Billed by Kimmel as a "special night for lovers of music, and lovers in general," the pair sang the John Lennon classic, 'Imagine.' Pacquiao is a no newbie when it comes to performing on Kimmel; his other renditions on earlier appearances include the ballads 'Sometimes When We Touch' and 'Nothing's Going to Change My Love for You.'


24/7 Pacquiao-Margarito Episode One

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