Fans Weigh In: Maidana Will KO Alexander

Marcos Maidana - Photo Credit: Will Hart

Devon Alexander's fight record is marred by only a head butt-filled bout against a top-ranked opponent. And yet, fully 83% of respondents to the HBO Boxing Facebook poll don't think he has what it takes to beat the hard-hitting Marcos Maidana. "Maidana is going to make Alexander quit again," writes Reuben C.  "If Alexander tries to slug it out he's getting KO'd," tweeted @LokWHR. Meanwhile, almost all respondents see Adrien Broner adding another knockout to his pristine record. "Broner will knock Perez out by the sixth," writes @Istahtyou_1.

Here's more of what fans had to say about Maidana-Alexander:

- i like alexander stepping up and taking this fight, of course its dangerous for him due to maidanas power but itll be a good test to see how he can adapt and how much he can handle, if he passes the test then itll get more ppl on his side again, if not i guess hell jus be another skilled boxer who jsut couldnt make it big tim. – J. Slaunwhite (
- Styles make fights. Maidana with iron chin, determination and power, can catch Alexander- more faster, but lacks strong will. - Peter A. (Facebook)
- Broner will win by TKO. Im rooting for Maidana but the only way he wins in St.Louis is by KO. - @LucianoGustini (Twitter)
- Alexander isnt ready for this type of pressure, strength and power!!! Hopefully he trains to boost up his punch resistance and his agility because he will need both and more!! He doesn't have the power to bother Maidana!! - Robert E. (Facebook)
- Maidana does have the power to knock anyone out in the division. For those who look to the Ortiz fight... Who do you think hits harder? Berto or Maidana? I say Berto. But Berto couldn't put Ortiz away.. It all comes down to styles. Ortiz's style made it easier for Maidana to do damage. I think Alexander will be hard to hit and it will be a similar fight to the Khan fight, with the same outcome... Maidana coming up short in a decision. – Harry K. (
- I'm going with Maidana over Alexander. Devon isn't impressive to me at all. I'm also taking the Problem over the Prince - Quinee J. (Facebook)
- If it's Maidana's fight pace, he might KO Alexander. If it's Alexander's fight, he'd box his way to a points decision. - @Kmauri_SM (Twitter)

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Fans Like Berto's Speed, Question Ortiz's Heart


With the Berto-Ortiz fight just days away, we asked the fans to share their predictions on, Facebook and Twitter. Berto appears to be the favorite, but not everyone's convinced he has what it takes to get past Vicious Victor. Here's what you had to say:

Many fans think Berto is simply too quick for Ortiz, like Lawrence Henderson, who writes on Facebook, "Berto's quickness and power will damage Ortiz's face around the 6th or 7th Round and KO him for sure!" and @voodoodoc who tweeted, "@AndreBerto should prevail..speed ALWAYS kills!"

Others think Ortiz just doesn't have the heart. Juan Maldonando writes on Facebook, "Berto has heart... Something Victor "Not so Vicious" lost to Maidana. Berto will make him quit in the 7th round by KO or Victor not able(willing) to continue." And Elfran Navar writes passionately, "I like ortiz, but Berto will win EASY. Ortiz is going up in weight and facing the fastest fighter he has ever faced. Ortiz has been easy to hit, and Berto will use him as target practice.... And we all know Ortiz doesn't have the heart to fight through a beating."

Ortiz, however, does have his supporters. On twitter @SonnyGirard writes, "Ortiz if he can capitalize on Berto's open defense early." And on Facebook, Gregory Q. says, "If Ortiz comes out fearless he will win. Berto has never faced anyone with Vicious' power and Victor has the speed to land the shot if he doesn't fight tentatively. Berto has been shook up before and he will be shaken and hurt come Saturday. What Victor does to capitalize on that is entirely up to him."