A Double Header of Questions

by Nat Gottlieb


The only certain thing about the split-site doubleheader on Sept. 28 is that with four aggressive, action fighters in the two main bouts, sparks are going to fly, pain is going to be inflicted, and bodies are likely to hit the canvas. But that's where the certainty ends. There are so many question marks surrounding the Chavez-Vera and Stevenson-Cloud bouts, so many multiple-choice answers as to who will win each fight and why, that this enigmatic twin-bill gives new meaning to one of Larry Merchant's favorite sayings: "That's why they make the fights." 

Still, it's intriguing to ponder the countless intangibles in these fights, starting with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., who will be trying to come back from his only career loss, taking on Brian Vera, a seasoned brawler facing the biggest, most important fight of his life.

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