Macklin Looks to Derail the Golovkin Hype-Wagon

by Eric Raskin

If Sugar Ray Robinson, Hercules, Usain Bolt, the Predator monster, and Magnus ver Magnusson all put their DNA in a blender, the result would be a baby that might someday make for a decent sparring partner for Gennady Golovkin. So goes, approximately, the line of thinking for those aboard the “GGG” hype-wagon. If Golovkin doesn’t find a way to create everlasting world peace with his right fist, his career will be viewed as a disappointment.

This happens in boxing, sometimes, that the buzz surrounding an underexposed fighter escalates, and when that fighter gains exposure and performs well enough to justify some of the buzz, the legend grows until he’s no longer judged by the standards mere mortals are held to. Golovkin is the mysterious middleweight from Kazakhstan who’ll smile you to smithereens, then smash you as a follow-up act. He is, as best anyone can tell, really, really good. But is he great? Is he the next big thing in boxing? Is he the guy everyone within two weight classes should avoid at all costs if they know what’s good for them?

That’s what Matthew Macklin, who happens to have absolutely no interest in avoiding Golovkin, is hopefully going to reveal to us at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods on June 29.

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