Alvarado Gains Revenge in Thriller, Sets Up Third Match with Rios

by Kieran Mulvaney

Brandon Rios, Mike Alvarado - Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland

It is the job of a boxing writer to convey the sense of the action that takes place in the ring, to document the exchange of blows and the ebb and flow of a contest. But there are times when the action is so intense, the punches thrown so heavy and so numerous, the shifts in momentum so rapid and the violence so intense, when the crowd is screaming so loudly it sounds  as if a jet engine is in full throttle nearby, that all an observer can do is put his hands to his head as his jaw drops open in wordless disbelief.

That was how it was to be ringside as Mike “Mile High” Alvarado and Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios took turns to bludgeon each other to the precipice of unconsciousness, each man administering to the other a savage beating and yet both combatants somehow surviving to remain standing at the end of twelve rounds that left only one question hanging in the air:

When will there be a Rios-Alvarado III?