Fans Weigh In During a Fight Week to Remember

We've seen a lot during this fight week.

We've seen trainers fighting instead of training fighters. We've seen one boxer dedicate his fight to his tragedy-stricken country and another one compared to a " a bobblehead doll whose bobblehead will not break off no matter how many times you slam it on the side of a desk." We've seen weigh-ins and Stat Chats conducted across multiple time zones, or even days. We've seen what the world's largest casino floor looks like teeming with screaming fans. We've heard what it's like to compete out of your comfort time zone from experts and legends. We've prepared for an undercard with an overweight heavyweight and a boxer carrying the hopes of his populous nation. We've gone inside the camps and Under the Lights:

We've heard from the fighters' fellow boxers, expert prognosticators, Harold Lederman and Mike Tyson. And now we're hearing from you. While, 100 percent of HBO Boxing Insiders predicted a win for Pacquiao, on HBO Connect and Twitter, 52 percent think Rios holds the #KeyToVictory (though it's constantly changing).

Here's more of what fight fans had to say: