Be Your Own Judge with Advice from Harold Lederman

Download an exclusive Pacquiao-Rios scorecard and score the fight at home. Harold Lederman, HBO's unofficial ringside scorer, guides you through what to look for in the fight:

Since I have to keep score, I never pick a winner in advance, because I don't want people to think I'm partial to either fighter. But you gotta face reality and the reality is they're fighting in Pacquiao country. There's a relatively new judge in Lisa Giampa, you wonder if she might be swayed by the crowd in the closer rounds.

Brandon Rios has a lot to overcome in this fight. If you look at his last fight, he's had some problems. There was a weight problem in the fight with [John] Murray; I thought he lost against [Richar] Abril; and he did lose against [Mike] Alvarado the second time. Then Robert Garcia has a decision to make, since he's training [Evgeny] Gradovich as well. Is he going to be in his corner? If he is, who's gonna wrap Rios's hands?

If I had to predict what might what happen, I think it'll be a sensational night and sensational fight for Manny Pacquiao. He's motivated by the fact that he lost his last two fights. But even in those two, I had him winning the [Timothy] Bradley fight 11-1. And as far as the fight against [Juan Manuel] Marquez, he got hit by a punch he didn't see. Maybe he heard the 10-second mark and just dropped his hands thinking the bell was about to ring. He was winning when he got knocked out.

Now he's probably, saying, "I'm gonna kill this guy because I need a win." Especially, in front of his fans and family. And don't forget future voters! This is his constituency. All signs are pointing to a great performance by Manny Pacquiao.

You look at style to see who's the better ring general, who's landing the cleaner and harder shots. And I think that favors Pacquiao. Effective aggression might favor Rios, as he tends to be the aggressor. But I don't think it would make much of a difference.

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