Classic Fights: Bradley-Provodnikov and Paquiao-Marquez 4

You could make a strong case that both Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez are coming off of the fights of their lives. Bradley is making his return to the ring after a hellacious battle with Ruslan Provodnikov earlier this year that saw the current welterweight champ barely make it out of the first two rounds and touch the canvas with just 15 seconds left in the fight. But Bradley somehow managed to pull through, controlling most of the middle rounds, in what is surely a fight of the year candidate.

Watch the full Bradley-Provodnikov fight here:


Juan Manuel Marquez electrified the boxing public with a sensational knockout over Manny Pacquiao last December. Coming up empty-handed (0-2-1, to be exact) after three razor-thin decisions with Pacquiao, Marquez didn't let the fight go to the judges when he landed a perfectly timed counter that laid Pacquiao out. But it wasn't just a one-punch fight. Marquez's perfect shot came after almost six rounds of intense back-and-forth action that saw both fighters bloodied and at the top of their games.

Watch the full Pacquiao-Marquez 4 fight here: