Fans Weigh in on Chavez-Martinez

Photo Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank

The fans have spoken, and it doesn’t look like they have much faith in Julio Cesar Chavez’ ability to defeat the most highly regarded middleweight in the world. Whether it’s Martinez’ power, heart or dedication, followers of @HBOBoxing felt the Argentine will close out Saturday night’s PPV bout with a KO in the mid to late rounds. Here’s what everyone had to say: 

  • @HBOboxing so excited for #ChavezMartinez I know #MartinezWins by KO round 11. #WarMartinez #Boxing - @Brave2325
  • @HBOboxing Chavez is gunna get a boxing lesson! #MartinezWins by way of KO. #ChavezMartinez- @SlickRick_90
  • @HBOboxing #MartinezWins Martinez fought to get here - Chavez no respect for sport; was lucky to be born to a legendary boxer. KO 10th rd - @Mendoza555
  • @HBOboxing #ChavezWins before 10 rounds - @kocruzito_
  • @HBOboxing #MartinezWins and then he is on the heels of @FloydMayweather .. - @Nelvasco
  • @SC12324 @HBOboxing You Will see Chávez is gonna win !! I believe on him because he is a very good fighter !!! Just wait #ChavezWins - @JET_Escamilla
  • @HBOboxing #MartinezWins by KO! His experience will bring out the best of him. Period! - @AdrianGal
  • @HBOboxing #ChavezMartinez #MartinezWins Martinez deserves the win if only for his true dedication and respect for his trainers!! Rd 7! - @KidRox805
  • Martinez could dance for a decision, but I hope he battles for a KO. #MartinezWins @HBOboxing @AdamGershon
In a tweet battle on HBO Connect, however, Chavez is receiving a little more love. So far, only 73% of fans voted that #MartinezWins. Cast your vote now.