Danny Garcia to Test Amir Khan

Amir Khan, Danny Garcia - Photo Credit: Will Hart

There’s no denying that Amir Khan is a superior pure boxer to Danny Garcia. He moves extremely well, and he has faster hands than his Philadelphia adversary. Add to this the fact that the slow-footed Garcia will be standing right in front of Khan all night, and it would appear he is tailor-made for the Brit.

Sometimes looks can be deceiving, however, says Bob Papa, the HBO commentator for ‘Boxing After Dark.’ “Khan may have more skills and ability, and Danny Garcia may be ready-made for Khan, but don’t ever discount Garcia’s heart,” Papa says. “Heart and drive can make up for less skills and boxing ability. Gatti was the poster child for that.”

The undefeated Garcia (23-0, 14 KOs) has demonstrated over his career that his will to win, like Gatti’s, has enabled him to beat opponents considered better than him. The 24-year-old Garcia was the underdog in his last two fights, most recently against Erik Morales and before that Kendall Holt, yet he came out victorious.

“Garcia wasn’t given a great chance against Morales,” Papa says, “because Morales had looked good in his previous fight on his comeback trail. But Garcia’s heart helped him to win. Holt was thought to still have enough left to keep winning, but Garcia wouldn’t be denied. Garcia beats guys he’s not supposed to beat because he just keeps coming.”