Fans Weigh In: Chavez the Crowd Favorite, But Lee Has His Supporters

By Michael Gluckstadt

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. - Photo Credit: Will Hart

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is a wildly popular and polarizing figure. He has legions of Mexican fans who insist he is the second coming of his famous fighting father; but nearly as many doubters who wonder question the level of competition he's faced until now. These fans wonder if Andy Lee might be the first to expose Chavez's ceiling as a fighter. On Facebook, there are many more believers than doubters, with over 75% of the nearly 500 respondents picking the Mexican over the Irishman. But on and Twitter, the results are a lot closer to an even split. "It's going to be a long night for Jr. if he won't level his game up several notches against Lee," warns e. corales on

Here's some more of what you had to say:

- Andy Lee is tough as nails and will get it done!  I actually see "Jr." getting hurt by the 9th and stopped by the 11th. – Eric Sabadin (

- Chavez is finally fighting a worthy opponent and will lose. #ChavezLee - @Artman22

- Chavez was impressive against Rubio in implementing Freddie Roach's tactics of working the angles. If he continues to improve, then he prove himself to be the fighter his fans seem to think he is. – Jim M. (

- If Chavez Jr. can step up a notch or two on defense, footwork, and movement, I think he can easily dominate Andy Lee. They should have worked on it by now. Martinez inches in closer by the minute. – e.corales (

- Chavez will win the fight...body shots are gonna beat Lee down... - @realpolo13 (Twitter)

- Considering Chavez Jr. lacks the ability to utilize his physical attributes of outboxing his opponent, he'd rather hang around on the inside unnecessarily, lumbering body shots against willing sub par fighters winning close hometown rounds in his favor. I see Lee being able to outbox Chavez for the win, but we'll wait n see. – Riky Ricardo  (