Chavez Jr.-Lee: Compubox Analysis

By CompuBox

If history is a window to the future, Saturday's middleweight title tussle between champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and challenger Andy Lee should be one to remember. They boast a combined 73-1-2 (51) record, plus their similar physical assets (6-2 for Lee, 6-0 for Chavez Jr.) and aggressive mindsets should make for compelling action.

But is all everything that it seems? Their recent CompuBox pasts may indicate that something unexpected may be in store.

The Problem: A common complaint against both fighters is porous defense -- and there's plenty of ammunition to back that up. For instance, Sebastian Zbik connected on 46.9 % of his total punches and 53.8% of his hooks, uppercuts and crosses against Chavez, who also was out-landed 391-256 (total), 56-14 (jabs) and 335-242 (power). Nevertheless, Chavez won a majority decision because his lesser number of connects did so with much more impact.