CompuBox Analysis: Sergio Martinez vs. Matthew Macklin

By CompuBox

It's funny how life works out. Had Matthew Macklin been awarded the decision many say he deserved against WBA middleweight titlist Felix Sturm last June, he might not have gotten Saturday's fight against Sergio Martinez, regarded by most as a top three pound-for-pound entrant and the rightful WBC middleweight champion. That's because unification bouts are so difficult to arrange politically and logistically. One could say that for Macklin, a short-term setback has yielded a career-defining opportunity that could reap untold fortune should he seize it.

Will the gritty Brit score the major upset or will Martinez take another step toward Canastota?  The oddsmaker’s overwhelmingly favor Martinez, who’s a 10-1 favorite.  Their CompuBox pasts provide these informational nuggets:

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