Maidana-Alexander: Thunder and Lightning

By Nat Gottlieb

Marcos Maidana, Devon Alexander - Photo Credits: Ed MulhollandOne of the most common templates for a boxing narrative is the classic boxer-puncher fight. On the surface it appears we have one slated for February 25th in St. Louis, when Marcos Maidana, the lethal power slugger with limited boxing skills faces Devon Alexander, the slick boxer with fast hands who wins more on points than knockdowns. But pigeon-holing this fight would be a mistake. Although Alexander can box your ears off, he has a fondness for going inside and standing toe-to-toe. That may be a bad move against Maidana, but it will make for an exciting fight.

There are also many subtle issues at play which could decide the winner. Chief among them is stamina. Alexander (22-1,13KOs) has been labeled a great six-round fighter who fades down the stretch, a contention supported by his most recent fights. His camp counters that the fades were a result of trying to boil down to the 140-pound weight limit, which cut muscle and left him fatigued. This fight will take place at 147, and both Alexander and his trainer Kevin Cunningham say the extra seven pounds will make a big difference in his stamina.