Amir Khan Offers His Take on Haye-Klitschko

By Peter Owen Nelson

Photo: Jeff Fusco/HoganphotosWhile in preparation for his upcoming junior welterweight title unification bout against Zab Judah, Amir Khan took a minute from his training in Los Angeles at the Wild Card Boxing Club to give his insights into Saturday’s heavyweight title fight between Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye.

I’ve known David since 2005. I’m a big fan of his as well as a friend. I just spoke to him on the phone a few days ago. It’s a tough one for him. I think he has to try to take Klitschko out in the first six rounds. Jump on Klitschko. Hope to land a clean shot. If goes to later rounds, I think David could win the fight by unanimous decision if  Klitschko is too static. For Klitschko, that style works. He knocks opponents out by their thinking he has a more static style with just jabs when in fact that backhand of his comes quick. 

Before Haye won his title, he sent me a text from him. When I asked him what he was doing, he wrote, “I’m in my changing room texting my friends before going to the ring.” This fight is a bit different. He seems a little nervous and really edgy.

My trainer [Freddie Roach] told me that Wladimir is the hardest hitter he’s ever had on the mitts. But David’s fearless. The problem is if David gets caught early. It’s a battle of chins and a battle of heart.

They hate each other with a passion. This may be to David’s advantage because David always hates his opponents. Maybe getting Klitschko fired up will cause him to make mistakes and have his game plan go out the window. It’s not likely though. Klitschko usually stays to his game.