Who’s the Best Mexican Fighter? Juan Manuel Marquez Stands Apart

Canelo Alvarez is quickly making a name for himself, while Julio Cesar Chavez Jr's performance in the ring is starting to remind people of his own namesake. Meanwhile, Juan Manuel Marquez is making it clear he has no plans to let age keep him from delivering vintage performances in the ring. So who is the best active Mexican fighter?

We asked you, and the results weren't even close. In our Facebook Questions Poll, over 75 percent responded that the legendary Juan Manuel Marquez still holds the edge over the up-and-coming (and undefeated) Alvarez and Chavez Jr. who received 18 percent and 6 percent of the vote respectively. Bantamweight Abner Mares and Alfredo "El Perro" Angulo also received a few votes.

Here's what you had to say:

Marquez hands down is the best Mexican Boxer out there until proven otherwise by the next generarion (Chavez & Canelo). – Jorge S. (Facebook)

JMM by far! He's a living legend and has proved himself against the toughest opponents. The others are just getting started.- @BlaznSDchicano (Twitter)

Canelo!! JC Chavez Jr. won't step out the shadow & legacy of his father!!- Carlos G. (Facebook)

I think the best active fighter right now has to be juan manuel marquez. Canela and chavez both will be the promoters cash cows, they will keep fighting tomato cans For a while. Out of those 2 I think canela is better. – Ulises S. (Facebook)

go with JMM. he's just so explosive men..i think he deserv all the achievements that he has rightnow. best MEXICAN fighter of all time. too bad, he's getting older.  – Robert (HBO.com)

Marquez hands down!........JC.Jr and Canelo both are good but i haven't yet been impressed with there style. - Manuel M. (Facebook)

Juan manuel marquez. He still brings that head to head boxing. No running no clinching just punching combos.- @dannyd_libra310  (Twitter)

Right now, Its JMM, when its all said and done will probably be Canelo - @petesmack (Twitter)

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