Fans Weigh In: It's Khan in a Landslide

Can hometown hero Lamont Peterson put a stop to Amir Khan's meteoric ride? Not according to fans on the HBO Boxing Facebook page. A whopping 88 percent think that Khan is the likely winner, while just 88 people see Peterson coming out on top. "Peterson is a quality fighter but I think Khan's superior speed, athleticism, & power will be the difference & he'll either a clear decision or stop Peterson sometime after around the 8th round or later," wrote Charlie S. On Twitter, @ERYCK3030 sees the fight going the distance before being decided in Khan's favor, tweeting  "I'll take Amir Khan by Unanimous Decision. I don't think L. Peterson can match Khan's power/speed."  Here's more of what you had to say:

-  Khan in 2 rounds. By KO – Gilbert L. (Facebook)

-  Khan is going to win. He's the next p4p king in boxing – Kevin U. (Facebook)

kingpete26 Khan 4th round KO 2 rounds to get going hurts him in 3rd out in 4th - @mikeanddaveshow (Twitter)

- I have @AmirKingKhan being knocked out by @kingpete26 in the 3rd. Khans chin is suspect. - @Markchristian82 (Twitter)

- Good fight and i cant wait to see it. If Khan stays behind his jab he should win but if he gets into a slug fest with peterson he'll be KO'd without a doubt. – Marcus T. (Facebook)

- I have @AmirKingKhan being knocked out by @kingpete26 in the 3rd. Khans chin is suspect. - @Markchristian82 (Twitter)

- mr.amir khan...still in the peak of his career...- Saleem O (Facebook)