Fans Weigh In: Pride of Providence No Match for the Heir Apparent

Is Julio Chavez Jr. the real deal? Can he take on the latest contender? Fans seem to think so, with a whopping 80% of Facebook poll respondents calling a victory for Mexico's favorite son. On Twitter, the response was more varied, where @S_renay went so far as to call a 10th round TKO for Manfredo. Here's a sampling of what you had to say:

-   Chavez by KO by round 8. Chavez has too much power for him. - @PrinceofOlympus (Twitter)

-   Manfredo is not a chump guys the only thing can manfredo gonna have is ring rust that can be a huge factor in that fight – Ivan A. (Facebook)

-   Chavez Jr is gonna smash manfredo jr – Michael R. (Facebook)

-   Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. by unanimous decision. Manfredo's past his best...which was never that good anyway.... - @SweetBoxing_com (Twitter)

-   If goes to a decision I won't be surprised if the win goes to Chavez. #ChavezManfredo... But I do hope it's a great fight. - @xmanjarrezx (Twitter)

-   Mandfredo should expose this kids weakness ... – Keith A. (Facebook)

-   Manfredo - like a Billy Lyell plus - will show a lot of heart and win... but not on the cards. Chavez UD. - @Zandman75 (Twitter)

-   I see Chavez Jr outworking Manfredo, but would like to see Pride of Providence win, just cuz Chavez Jr been babied for so long fighting tuna can scrubs. – Kenneth M. (Facebook)