Sergio Martinez Predicts Bernard Hopkins Victory Over Chad Dawson

By Gabriel Montoya

Martinez Photo Credit: Will HartBefore last weekend’s middleweight title fight between Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez and “Dazzling” Darren Barker began, HBO interviewed Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson about their October 15 fight on HBO at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. Near the end of the interview, Hopkins called out Martinez, stating he would be willing to face him in a 170-pound catch weight fight.

After Martinez dispatched Barker in eleven tense rounds, the media was all over the potential showdown. Martinez, who suffered an injured nose in the fight to go with a left elbow injury he carried into the fight, declined to comment. His adviser, Sampson Lewkowicz, fielded the question instead.

“We will never let him fight at 168. Put it like that way. Ever,” said Lewkowicz. “So whomever comes with 168, 170, [Martinez’ promoter] Lou DiBella, myself, and his team will not allow it. [Martinez] can say whatever he wants but he will not fight at super middleweight.”

Speaking from his home in Spain Saturday, Martinez elaborated.

“I think we would have to go a little bit lower in weight,” he said. “I know that would hurt [Hopkins], or would cost him a lot, but the maximum I can make is 165 pounds. More than that is impossible. I am too small.”

Martinez weighed in on fight night for Barker at 165 pounds and walks around near that weight between fights so the point is taken.

In regards to Hopkins/Dawson, Martinez said “It will be a very even fight, but I would bet Bernard Hopkins wins. Dawson is a great boxer. He is a great champion, but my point of view is that at this moment, Hopkins is better; he is in better [condition].”