Fight Week, Rock City: Devon Alexander Training Camp Notes

Like most boxers, I have great respect for the champions who have come before me.  Since I was 7, I have known that boxing is what I wanted to for my career.  I have been soaking up the history of the sport since then.
I spent the best part of the last 10 years going to a gym in St. Louis every day with Cory Spinks. His father Leon and his uncle Michael were both world heavyweight champions.  I watched Cory from the amateurs all the way up to undisputed world welterweight champion.
I’ve always known about Detroit fighters and the Kronk Gym, too. Tommy Hearns, Mark Breland, John David Jackson—there have been so many.  “The Brown Bomber” Joe Louis will be remembered not only for his boxing, but his military service and the groundbreaking nature of what he was able to accomplish.
It’s an honor to be fighting in Detroit.  In addition to the boxing history, there is so much more that has happened here.  All those old school Motown singers and groups that we all still listen to are part of American life.  I drive an American-made, new school Dodge Challenger, and I love it!  Nicest car I’ve ever had.  Thank you for that, Detroit!  And I’ve got to mention that great running back Barry Sanders. I loved watching him play for the Lions in the building I’ll be fighting in on Saturday.
I will not be able to see and do too many things in the week I will spend in Detroit leading up to my fight with Tim Bradley.  If you know anything about me and you like boxing, come out and cheer for me as I’ll hear and feel you at the Silverdome.  I’ll be fighting to keep my title, win Timmy’s and to entertain boxing fans in the Motor City.  
Timmy and I both know this fight has been coming for a long time.  We’ve been thinking about each other for years.  He’s and undefeated world champion and so am I. We both have our entire professional career riding on this one.  The winner moves on to another big fight.  That’s going to be me.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a great boxing show and something to remember.  Come out and support me and watch as history is made right here in your city.  Fans will be able to say, ‘I remember when Devon Alexander beat Tim Bradley at the Silverdome.