Devon Alexander and Timothy Bradley on Khan-Maidana

Undefeated top junior welterweights Devon Alexander and Timothy Bradley will face off at The Silverdome on January 29, 2011, with their respective world titles on line. Before that showdown, both fighters will be present this Saturday when Amir Khan defends his title against Marcos Maidana. Peter Owen Nelson caught up with Alexander and Bradley to get their predictions for Saturday night's main event.


I think Khan will come out with a unanimous decision victory. Maidana may break his will and he'll be winging hard shots, but Khan can outbox him. Freddie Roach says Khan will knock Maidana out, but I don't see that. Khan better box and not try to please the fans because he'll only get hurt doing that.

I'll be at the fight on Saturday, but to be really honest, I don't care who wins. Khan and Maidana are competing to see who's the third best junior welterweight. Bradley and I are competing to see who's number one. Right now, I'm just focused on what I got to do, and that's beat Timothy Bradley on January 29.

Whoever wins, I'm willing to fight once I'm done with Bradley. I don't necessarily have to take that route though. It just depends what's best for my career.


I definitely want to see this fight in person. I'm ready to see Khan get his ass knocked out. If Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are too busy to fight the winner of my fight against Alexander, then the winner of Khan-Maidana is a potential next option.

I saw Maidana at an HBO photo shoot last October. I went up to him and said, "Kick that poster boy's ass." He then told me that he's picking me to beat Alexander.

I see Maidana pressing the action, blocking a lot of pot shots, and moving in. Khan has the ability, tight defense and good movement, but Maidana is hungry. He's waited a long time for this fight, and I think Khan is underestimating this guy.

Khan has skills.  But did you see Khan's face after the Malignaggi fight? It was all swelled up. That was against a guy with no punch. Now you got this big ole hard-hitting, hard-charging bull coming in there.

I know now that Khan has Freddie Roach and a few good wins since getting knocked out, he's full of confidence, even talking about knocking Maidana out. I don't see it happening. Victor Ortiz put Maidana on the canvas and Maidana got up and finished him.

Maidana looks like a serial killer - gun tattoos on his waist. He just doesn't care. This guy is going to fight until the end. Khan is going to have to exchange with him to get him off him. He can't just jab and move all night. Maidana is going to touch that chin and it's going to be "goodnight!"